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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 19, 2009 6:00am-9:00am EST

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accused terrorists in the united states of america. but did eric holder make his case? you be the judge. brian? brian: how dumb can some criminals be? >> christmas came early for us today. yeah. back to the show. brian: they won't be opening up any presents this year. you won't believe how they got busted. our slogan from george in pueblo, colorado. when i get up to face the day, it's "fox & friends" that lights my way. steve: nice. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute -- -- gretchen: good morning, everyone. we start with a fox news alert. afghanistan's president hamid hars i didn't -- karzai has been sworn in. in his inaugural address he said his security forces should take
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the lead in the fight against insurgents. secretary of state hillary clinton attended the inauguration. before the ceremony she called on karzai to take accountability for his government. president obama headed back to washington. his last stop this morning, south korea, where he met with the country's president. among the issue, north korea's nuclear program and iran. our major garrett is traveling with the president. >> an elaborate welcoming ceremony for president obama at the blue house, south korea's version of the white house. south korean soldiers performed an all-variety of military garb. the president said it was the best welcoming ceremony he's seen in his tour of asia. then it was a sit-down meeting with the president myung-bak lee. before ithe president announceds
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sending one of his top diplomats to go to pyongyang to meet with the north koreans on december 8. in addition, two leaders talked about iran. the president said he is hopeful iran will take measures in the veneer future to abandon its fear of pursuit of nuclear weapons. and if he doesn't, the president said the international community may step up to the plate. >> we have begun discussions with our international partners about the importance of having consequences, that the duel track approach requires iran to get a clear message. that when it fails to take advantage of these opportuniti opportunities, that, in fact, it is not making it self more secure, it is making itself less secure. >> before returning to the united states, the president stopped by the osan air force base. the korean war ended nearly 60 years ago but it's not officially over.
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there's only an arm stus not an official treaty. with the president in seoul, south korea, major garrett, fox news. gretchen: the korean war began nearly 60 years ago but almost 30,000 troops remain in the region to monitor that ceasefire with north korea. a secret c.i.a. prison found inside a posh horse riding academy in lithuania? it was reportedly built to torture prisoners. according to abc news, the c.i.a. built the prison in 2004. agents say as many as eight al qaeda suspects were held there and tortured. lithuania says it did not know about it and called for an investigation. the c.i.a. says the interrogation program was closed and is not going to comment any further. reconstruction teams trying to figure out why a tour bus flipped over leaving two people dead, 21 injured. it happened just outside of austin, minnesota. the bus was return from a casino when it crossed lanes, went into a ditch and then rolled over. passengers say it was terrifying.
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>> four or five of us got out. from then on it was putting them on boards to get them out. they were squeezed in. some had to get pushed to get out of there. they were held down. they couldn't get out. gretchen: the driver is in serious condition and two other passengers are critical. just when you thought congress couldn't come up with any more creative ways to spend their time. democratic congressman emmanuel cleaver is pushing for a new bill which would make the wednesday before thanksgiving complaint-free wednesday. that's right. cleaver doesn't want to hear anyone complain that day. he serves missouri's fifth congressional district. we'll see if that passes. we talked about that before. it can be healthy to have a day where you just don't complain. i think. brian: make it sunday. gretchen: remember those two college students we had on? brian: right. the ones who just said nice things. they just complimented people in times square. gretchen: we should try it and see if we get passed 6:01.
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brian: every time you're really upbeat and have things going for you, joel will come in, our floor manager, and just take you down. your hair's not right, your shoes are wrong. steve: you mean the guy sucking on the sharpie right there? that's him. good morning, joel. good morning, everybody. let's talk about this health care bill that harry reid unveiled last night. 2,074 pages long. one u.s. senator has the audacity to say we have to read this before we vote on it. also, they say it has a cost of $849 billion. they also say it will cut the deficit by $127 billion but then also that 200 billion-dollar doctor fix as it is called. nonetheless, even though you add that stuff together, the white house calls in a net-net savings. here's reaction to the bill from people in charge. u.s. senators. >> this legislation includes a very strong public option.
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this isn't just about an effort that went on over the last number of months or even the last year or so. this is an effort that's gone on for decades. >> so the mass is inexorable. $127 billion reduction in the deficit, 94% coverage of people equals 60 votes. and we're goo going to get there. gretchen: i was listening to this on satellite radio when senator reid came out to give his discussion of this bill after the c.b.o. came out with these numbers. the funny thing was, there's one really important piece of the puzzle missing when necessity do the press conference. yes, you can talk about the savings and you can talk about how much it's gooding to cost and how much it's going to reduce the deficit, but who's going to pay for it? the way that they're making it seem is everyone will get health care for free. and that's not the case. there's going to be enormous taxes. somebody's going to have to pay for this program. and i don't know if it's going to be you or us, but somebody's going to pay for this program.
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brian: it's not going start until 2014. it will include an exize tax on insurers who offer those cadillac programs. so if they offer these plans, they'll pay an additional tax. they say it's going to come out of medicare savings and cuts. steve: right. so even though schumer just said, you know, dot math -- do the math, it saves, well, let's look at it. look at this. they say it will cost -- keep in mind this is to cover just 94% of americans. 6%, sorry. $94 billion. plus, they say it will -- rather, there will be a net-net savings on the deficit of $127 billion. you add those together, you're close to $1 trillion. now, when you do that, that's the big number. $976 billion. plus you add the $200 million doctor fix and you got it north of $1 trillion. how do they do that? well, as we've talked before, it's all about raising taxes. so, sure, people are going to
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wind up with health care. but it's not free. it's going to wind up -- they're going to wind up reducing medicare in a big way. plus, you know, they're going to add payroll taxes on your medicare that you pay for every time you get your paycheck. gretchen: you hit the number on the head with the 94%. think some people would maybe say, hey if it's 100% coverage, all right, you might. but to find out, there's still going to be 6%. to find out on top of the costs that it's only going to cover 94%, that's an additional 31 million people not covered right now. wouldn't you rather -- if you're really going to make this kind of commitment to health care and you're going to ultimately have to pay for it, because everyone is going to pay for it, wouldn't you like to know that 100% of the people are covered? i would. brian: 85% are covered right now. so they're not all the way there. they're also doing something that many people equate with
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bribing senior who's have been their biggest critics. they're saying, $500. i'll give everybody $500. pay towards your medicare payments, your medicare coverage is going to be cut this upcoming year. see if that wins them over. also, we think it's important, they need the 60 votes. you have 58 democrats. they need all 58. they got two independents, they need those, too. that vote will happen, should happen, as early as saturday. senator ben nelson says he has yet to make up his mind. senator blanche lincoln, she has thet yet to make up her mind. even on whether to have the debate or not. steve: right now this is the linchpin to the whole operation is this culture vote which could extend it into the full senate. they've got to vote on whether or not to vote on it, essentially. if they get the 60, then they can move on. but because then it would be filibuster-proof. once it gets into the u.s. senate where they vote on the full bill, they could pass it
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with just 51 votes. forget about the moderates. they wouldn't need them. gretchen: this is crucial. steve: right now it comes down to whether or not they can get 60. and right now it is uncertain if harry reid's got the 60. gretchen: this is important for all of our viewers to know. this thing could be over this saturday. this could be over this saturday. because steve exactly right with those numbers if they get to 60 and they vote on saturday, it's over. then they only need 51. brian: then they have to merge the bills. there are people on the house who are not going to budge on the stupak amendment. it is nowhere to be seen in here. and not to get too deep into it, but people who are pro-life are very upset with the senate version, and people who are pro-choice were very upset with the house version. that's going -- that has been the line in the sand for decades. gretchen: that deficit savings that we were talking about, the $127 billion that we will actually pay for in taxes, could
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be newly in void if the doc fix passes. i know what you're saying. i can't remember, what is that again? thank goodness we have caroline shively in washington for us to explain the doctor fix. all i know, caroline is it's $200 billion. >> right. and the house is set to take up their doc fix bill today. pricetag, $210 billion. that's double the money the house's health care bill is supposed to cut from the deficit over 10 years and substantially more than the senate deficit reduction of $127 billion unveiled yesterday. so to answer your question, let's talk about what this doc fix is. it's an adjustment to medicare payments to doctors that would stop a 21% cut set for january. the cut is based on a flawed formula that was meant to control the rise of medicare spending. but it turns out it socks it to doctors. congress has been temporarily passing it for years. the doc fix would make that patch permanent. everyone seems to want this thing passed but fiscal
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conservatives argue it should be part of the overall health care bill and the overall pricetag, that keeping it separate is a sneaky way to claim that reform plans are saving the country money. they believe it should be offset with taxes or spending cuts. seniors must pay for 1? 4 of the cost of the doc fix through their premiums. with the house pricetag of $210 billion that equals $50 billion more over 10 years. the senate tried to pass its own doc fix last month but failed when a dozen democrats joined republicans to vote against even bringing the measure up. the house is expected to pass its doc fix today. the senate republican leader mitch mcconnell vows to defeat it again in his chaism better. chamber. back to you. steve: also, we should point out in the senate version there is also a government option. a government insurance policy is included in it as well. we're going to talk about it throughout the morning. thanks for joining us on this thursday. gretchen: meantime, attorney general eric holder tries to explain his strategy of bringing alleged 9/11 terrorists into federal court.
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did you see this? things got testy. >> why would you take him someplace different than k.s.m.? >> that might be the case? i don't know. gretchen: what's behind this decision. brian: talk about some dumb criminals, stealing christmas presents in november and recording it for all to see. steve: ho, ho, hold it! >> the postal service announced last week the post office lost $3.8 billion last year. they lost $3.8 billion. i got a good idea. let's put the government in charge of health care.
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steve: some quick headlines. south carolina governor mark sanford will have to tell an ethics panel why he disappeared
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to argentina for five days to visit his mistress down there. he may have broken state law by doing so. a hearing will be held early next week. meanwhile, the former captain of the maersk alabama cargo ship, richard phillips, will greet rescuers today. the crew of the u.s.s. bainbridge. that crew saved captain phillips when somali pirates attacked that ship in april. phillips will also awarded the national maritime valor award tonight. find out just how dangerous the waters off africa really are. fox news reports "pirates of the 21st century" this saturday, 10:00 p.m. eastern. right here on the fox news channel. brian: president obama traveled to china to tell students he welcomed criticism. he said, "it's made him a better leader because it forces me, meaning the president, to hear opinions that i don't want to hear. well, the president fights for free speech abroad. some say he's trying to silence his critics at home.
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joining with us some examples, because he's always equipped, fox news contributor, author, michelle malkin. were you surprised to hear the president in his somewhat free e forum over there in china to say that? >> yes, i was surprised. that's the mildest term i'd use for my reaction to president obama going overseas to china. and finally praising all of his critics here back home. none of us have gotten thank you notes for him yet. and i was hoping that there would be somebody in that audience in china to do a joe wilson. and i've asked my readers to see if anyone knows how to say you lie in mandarin because somebody should have stood up and said that. let's talk about some examples. most recently there were e.p.a. lawyers in san francisco who posted a youtube video -- and i think you guys did this story --
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talking about their opposition to the white house and the democrat majority's cap and tax plan. well, they were told by e.p.a. supervisors that they had to yank the video despite the fact that it included the disclaimer that this was their own personal opinions and not the agency's. and that follows on the heels of the e.p.a. also silencing another center who's criticized the outdated data that the obama e.p.a. has used to justify their global warming plan. that's just three examples right there. we haven't even started to talk about how this administration has treated republican critics. it was out of the mouth of president obama himself, now touting free speech, who told his critics to shut up and sit down and get out of the way. brian: and remember, too, karl rove had a few examples today not knowing you would be on. he said they did so many big stories, made so many
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controversial disoifertionz the last year -- decisions last year on fridays, a traditional day where you dump news. friday to saturday, by the time monday rolls around it's not a big story and you don't have to confront the questioners. robert gibbs, not the president. >> that's right. i've talked about that phenomenon. over the last nine, 10 months, it's business as usual. they've done huge document dumps on friday nights, over the weekend. this is in addition to now having robert bauer as the white house general counsel. i call him the silencer. and his main role during the campaign was to try and bully g.o.p. critics and bully tv stations into not running ads critical of obama. brian: stay right there. we're going to talk to you more. among these stories, some saying attorney general holder is making "dangerous history" by trying 9/11 terrorists in new york city.
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gretchen: attorney general eric holder assures us all classify the information used during the terror trial will be kept confidential. we're talking, of course, about khalid sheikh mohammed here in new york city. in the atmosphere of a civilian court system though, how is it possible? we're back with michelle malkin for her thoughts on that. this has been one of the major concerns, that some of the evidence would reveal secrets the united states has in their war on terror. yesterday i interviewed a lawyer who represented zacarias moussaoui, another 9/11 conspirator, and he said, look, no problem with that, no secrets will come out. what do you think? >> i don't trust it. i don't trust this corruptocrat attorney general. i don't see why america should given his history, he put
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interests above national interests. he cites protection laws to give us this apparently iron-clad guarantee that nothing's going to come out. but there are a couple of problems in the justice system that we have to deal with. this is not theoretical. we have judge who's have overseen some of these terror trials who have been inordinately sympathetic to the jihady defendants. -- jihadi defendants. and the l.a.x. millennium bomber or would-be bomber, the judge in that case used the entire proceedings as his own grandstanding mechanism to assail how america and how the bush administration was handling the war on terror. then you have jihadi-sympathizing lawyers, right there in new york city, guys. lynn stewart, who is finally,
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finally headed to jail after assisting and basically delivering jihadi messages and breaking all sorts of ethics and violations and laws. there's no guarantee, of course, that we're going to stop that kind of leakage. and, in fact, eric holder has his own conflict of interests. i've mentioned this on your show back during the summer. a senior law partner which happens to represent upwards of 17 or 18 gitmo detainees. steve: it was interesting yesterday eric holder seemed completely unprepared for what seemed like a pretty simple question, when was the last time there was an enemy combatant tried in a civil court. ahh. and then lindsey graham answered "never." we'll continue to talk about it here on fox.
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michelle malkin joining us from out in the rockies. thank you very much. >> thanks a lot. brian: it's going to cost between $75 million and $100 million. fantastic. sarah palin wishes she was able to say more about what she thought about then candidate obama during the campaign, just like sean hannity did. >> what you did and other conservatives did is tried to do the job that a campaign should have done. we really missed the boat on that. gretchen: plus some of our troops overseas will be able to satisfy their chocolate cravings by biting off the head of bin laden? steve: might be sour. happy birthday to jodie foster, 47 years old today. happy birthday.
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gretchen: half past the hour. a couple quick headlines for you. senate and democrats are going to roll out their health care plan. law makers are expected to approve a $500 cash payment for
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senior citizens. it's being called a downpayment on closing the donut hole in medicare coverage. opponents say it's a ploy or a bribe to get votes since mostly seniors are against the health care reform plan, or a lot of them are. meantime, drug companies are getting ready for reform. they reportedly started raising prices. senator bill nelson is calling for an investigation helping to force prices back down. brian: a homicide bomber kills at least 19 people outside a courthouse in the northwestern pakistan city. the bomber blew himself up in a taxi was it was being searched by guards. dozens more are hurt. officials say missiles from a suspected u.s. drone killed three militants. the missiles hit a home suspected of housing taliban fighters along the afghanistan border in north waziristan. steve: meanwhile, the u.s. government could be hit with billions of dollars in claims after court finds the government responsible for damages caused by hurricane katrina. a u.s. district judge says that
6:33 am
the army corps of engineers, the u.s. army corps of engineers, showed gross negligence, he says, by not maintaining a navigation channel and that led to massive flooding in new orleans. gretchen: time for another edition of very dumb criminals. this time two teens decide to open other people's early christmas presents during a robbery spree outside of philadelphia. >> christmas came early for us today. [laughing] yeah. yeah. gretchen: not so fast. cops say the holiday is over for the 15 and 16-year-old boy who's videotaped themselves robbing five homes last week. officers caught the teens leaving one crime scene. then they found the camera used to tape the crime. steve: u.s. troops can now behead bin laden bun bite at a time. peta is showing support for troops by sending chocolates to soldiers in iran -- rather in
6:34 am
afghanistan after hearing how hard it was to get chocolate there. peta says it will also sell the chocolates in the united states. should point out that the chocolate is vegan chocolate. gretchen: yeah. steve: brian what are you wearing? brian: funny you bring that up. it's all for a good cause. it's all for the wounded warriors. and you can actually have a shirt like this but look cooler than me. first thing's first. let's talk about the sport that gretchen walks in talking about every day, soccer. the 2010 world cup is all set. six more teams qualified. how do you say this? france? yeah, france handed ireland, my people, a crushing defeat. france down 1-0 in overtime. then you're seeing it, some controversy. henry touches the ball with his hand not once but twice and redetectives the ball as it goes in for the goal. that's enough to propel france to south africa that game ended in a 1-1 tie but after the game france admitted to officials they got it wrong. bring replay into the sport and they cannot use their hands in
6:35 am
soccer. 2-1 is the final. you're a good, slovenia, algeria, greece and portugal did advance to the field of 32. baseball managers got top honors today. they named the two best, one in the a.l. and one in the n.l. for the american league social security mike scioscia. he wins for the a.l. and the rockies' jim tracy wins it for the national league. scioscia led the angels to the second best record in baseball, losing to the yankees in the alcs with less talent. tracy also got the rockies to the postseason before falling to the phillies. tracy is just the second manager to win the award after taking over a team mid season. now the story behind this jersey. if you caught the university of maryland or south carolina football team's game in action, you saw these uniforms. they were sphecially made to support the wounded warrior projects. the camouflage on the shoulder, and cleats featured with the logo on it look at these cleats. you could get these now.
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it's got the wounded warrior logo there. and also the great slogan, duty, honor and courage. courage is on the back. so if you want to sport the wounded warriors and you want a cool jersey, which the college kids wear and teams play with, go get it. go to all proceeds go to the wounded warrior project. there you see it. i have one more shirt to show. here's another one. it's light. it's cool. you look cool it goes to a great cause. and, of course, the jersey. the bad news is they only give you the left shoe. so you're pretty much on your own. just kidding. there you go. now i got to go back. steve: couldn't be for a better cause. gretchen: are you going to leave it on? brian: for this. every once in a while somebody you see in the news is going through a rough time. and even though you've only met them once or twice, you feel like you wanted to know you're watching, pulling for them. that's the yankees' derek jeter. he's hit on hard times.
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>> oh! brian: after winning the world series he is stuck on st. bart's island with no shirt and with that woman. this aspiring actress. it's just those two. gretchen: aspiring? she is an actress. brian: oh. she's about to dive in. know that things will get better, derek. just being a world series champion. once in a while -- steve: poor guy. brian: you don't get things you can't handle. remember what doesn't kill you, makes us stronger. steve: derek, we know you're watching on satellite right now. you know what? sarah palin's book came out, let's see, on tuesday. a couple of days later. we understand that there was a crowd in grand rapids, michigan, of 4,000 people showed up for a book signing. 200 members of the media. apparently, according to my sources in the publishing world, on her first day for sale the sarah palin book sold 300,000 copies. that is absolutely --
6:38 am
brian: that's some support. steve: no kidding. it looks as if the publisher will have to have two million in print by the end of the week. it is number one on amazon, and all because a lot of you want to read it and also to the current publicity blitz which is overwhelming. gretchen: yes. she was with sean hannity last night. she talked about bill ayers and reverend wright. remember those two names from the campaign? here's what she had to say about them. >> i am still perplexed as why we weren't fair to the e electorate and discussed those associations and the past voting records and the experiences that one of the candidates had in his career. i think that it was quite unfortunate. i would remind people that it wasn't negative campaigning and it wasn't offbase to call someone out on their associations and on their voting record. what you did and other comments as conservatives, what you guys did was try to do the job that a campaign should have done. we really missed the boat on that.
6:39 am
steve: they missed the boat on that. also, until now she has not really let people know exactly how she feels about the president of the united states. last night she had these 33 seconds about barack obama. >> as a person, i think he's very charismatic, quite articulate, very, very talented as a politician. and he's been gifted in this arena. and i would like to see those gifts be put to better use to make solid, sound decisions for our country to put us back on the right track. because i think the decisions that he's making when it comes to the economy are not the right decisions for america. #. brian: in my humble opinion, i watched "oprah," sean hannity and barbara walters. she is really -- has really gotten her message down. i think she's refined. she's a much better communicator right now than she was even six months ago. steve: people are camping out in front of the book stores to make sure that they are some of the first people to get in line. so sean's interview with her ran
6:40 am
last night. tonight bill o'reilly is going to start a three-part series. it will run thursday, friday and next monday night on "the factor." gretchen: and bill o'reilly, he's going to focus on the policy which i think will be enlightening to americans. let's face it. that's what she faced the most hard knocks about, about how she answered questions with regard to policy. apparently that will be what that focus is about. brian: she has to brace herself. nicole wallace and some others are preparing for a counter offensive to this book. we know the a.p. has 11 different reporters pouring over it, trying to bait the people that governor palin had a problem with. steve: the a.p. has 11 fact checkers working on the book. brian: maybe they should work on the health care that's 2,000 page that just came out. gretchen: you need 11 people for that. right? steve: straight ahead, pictures of the september 11 hijackers will be prominently displayed at the world trade center museum. is it a hall for islamic terrorists or a reminder of who did this to america?
6:41 am
two fathers who lost their sons with very different opinions are going to joan us very -- join us very shortly. gretchen: dreamed jobs or dreamed up jobs? the president's own stimulus website still has the numbers wrong. congressman issa says it's time for the spin miefters to stop. brian: now it's time for your "quote of the day." who said it? e-mail us, you could win some stuff.
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steve: here's what is happening on this thursday. what may appear to be the h1n1
6:45 am
virus could actually be a new cold virus, according to doctors. health experts say hundreds of children are showing up at hospitals with swine flu-like symptoms. doctors are trying to figure out if it's a new strain of the rhino virus which tends to look a lot like the flu. it looks like that kid's got it. meanwhile, controversial plans for the september 11 memorial museum are to include pictures and quotes that tell the story from the perspective of the terrorists responsible for killing nearly 3,000 people. so is it for islamic terrorists or a reminder of who did this to america? two fathers who lost their sons on september 11 are joining us right now. jim richards, a retired deputy chief of the fire department of new york city. his son jimmy was also a firefighter. and david beamer lost his son todd beamer who was killed fighting the attackers on united flight 93 that went down in pennsylvania. gentlemen, thanks for joining
6:46 am
us. >> good morning. steve: jim, you think this is a disgrace to have the pictures of the people who did this at the museum. why? >> you know, we also want the whole story told. those who doom history -- doomed to repeat it. the hall of islam, videos, narratives, displays from modern tapes. we think it's outrageous. i can't see it happening. in oklahoma city they have nichols and mcfay, they have them in a small section. we feel that's more appropriate than giving them an entire section. they're spending a lot of money on this memorial and people are donating to it. i think if they knew the money was going for this effort, it's crazy. you're giving them -- it's like a recruitment tool for the islamic terrorism. blow a building up and you'll get your picture in a museum. steve: i know this is a debate and you both feel differently about it. you can see where he's coming from but you feel differently,
6:47 am
david. >> i think i feel differently because my understanding of how the pictures of these terrible people are going to be represented is quite different than that of jim's i guess. my understanding is that there will be a -- five bifive pictures of these 19 murderers in a very small display area, by no means a position of prominence or preeminence, and certainly nothing that comes close to a hall dedicated to these evil people. though perhaps the final renderings and designs, perhaps there's some many understanding about that either on my part or jim's. i'm not sure. my understanding is five-by-five pictures likely on a small table with people notified. if they don't want to even see these pictures, this is a place where they are, you don't have to look at it. steve: this is how it is become described in press reports. the museum will display written quotations drawn from the martyr dom videos, written quotations,
6:48 am
made by the hijackers, along with written -- rather witness testimonies that will be screened to prevent sympathizers from probing and praising the perpetrators, according to the museum officials. so small pictures and quotations. no videos. >> we have pictures of our sons. they're seven stories below grade, 3,000 in a room smashed together from three feet to 12 feet. hopefully my son's not at the 12-foot level. steve: you don't want their pictures anywhere? >> i don't want their pictures anywhere. you can put murdered by 19 terrorists, tell the story, let everyone know they hijacked the planes. but our sons -- this memorial is about the people that died that day not about the living and the people that are going to be in the future and everything else. it's about them. the memorial is supposed to be dedicated to them in their honor. i think this service to them -- this is a disservice. think you're glorifying them. no matter what they say, you're
6:49 am
still glorifying them. steve: david? >> i believe the memorial has noble purposes. certainly to honor all of those who were killed that day. some, like jim's son, in the line of duty. others, innocent people trapped on the top of the towers, terrible things. it's also a responsibility to tell the story and the truth when there's a vacuum left, things fill it. conspiracy theories talk about, well, this is a man-made disaster. this enemy has an evil and horrible face. and i believe it's important in terms of telling the whole truth for people to see these were real people, really bad people, evil people, ugly people. here's who they are. the people who carried out the attack. they are dead. they are doomed. and they're damned. and here's who they were. so i'm concerned about not other things filling that vacuum. steve: we're going to have to end it there for today.
6:50 am
jim richards, we thank you very much. >> thank you. steve: and also our thanks to you, david. >> thanks to you, steven. and thanks to you jim, for your career in the fire department and your son. >> thank you. sorry for your loss. steve: still ahead, dream jobs or dreamed up jobs. the president's website still has the numbers wrong. congressman issa says it's time for the spinmeisters to stop. he's going to join us next he and this is what a hiking trail looks like after an eagle scout cleaned it up but a union is taking him to task. we're going to tell you why. and now the answer to our "quote of the day." who said this? steve: the answer is university of new mexico's soccer player who was suspended for being violent on the field, elizabeth lambert. and the winner was darlene from connecticut. congratulations. .
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
>> where did you get the cowboy hat? >> space. gretchen: well, there is probably no -- secret, astronaut millionaire on you will find jobs that aren't real on the site. brian: according to a new report we smile but it said over 70,000 jobs listed as created or saved on the web site not true. and they were not only from -- fake districts. we are also learning some the jobs came from stimulus projects
6:55 am
where no money has been spent. how is this possible? republican darryl ice sarks member of the house oversight committee joining us now from wawnged. congressman, always good to see you. >> thanks, brian. i'm from the 99th congressional district, by the way. i want that vote. brian: i know. a lot of people are leaving the 98th and going to the 99th. this is a controversy for another time. we keep hearing from the transparency of the package. even if it is transparent. when you look under the covers, if this is awful. how have things got so bad so quick? >> you know, brian, this is probably the greatest reason for transparency in government. this has been a very opaque government. this is one of the exceptions. what we see with transparency is they are misleading us. they don't know the figures. they were wrong in their assumptions. the truth is, the best thing about is it shows they really can't count. they now admit that, well, it's
6:56 am
an inexact science. maybe it is only 550 or 600,000 jobs. that begs the question what about the underlying policy that has lost us 3.8 million jobs. what about the additional money they want to spend in the same way as a failed practice. and, you know, the president is saying don't pick on the numbers. we are not picking on the numbers. they are so small they are hardly worth us picking on. the big numbers, 3.8 million jobs that have been lost. and now the president is saying there is an economic recovery. he didn't promise an economic recovery. he promised jobs. gretchen: exactly. when they said that unemployment would never go above 8% and now we are hovering around 10.2%. to you, congressman, is that what the big picture story is here that we should be focusing on the unemployment number? i mean you yourself just mentioned that some thieves mistakes are minor. what is the big picture message? >> i'm old enough to remember ronald reagan's difficult recovery in the earl liver '80s where he said that wield, in
6:57 am
fact, shed jobs to gain efficiency that, in fact, his incentive plans were designed to grow the economy and eventually rising tide would provide those jobs. and it did. that's an economic turn around that i wish we had done. which is make the investment in small business, be patient as small business begins bringing in those new jobs. instead we used $800 billion to buy jobs, jobs that they claim they saved but, in the case of the university of california, it was two months and those jobs are no longer saved. the problem with government spending with this kind of economic model is it's a temporary job. that money is gone. the next round of stimulus we want it to be investment, opportunities for small business that in time will grow the economy and grow jobs. brian: i'm going to let you get back to studsying because today the gao will be testifying in front of the oversight committee. i know you have lots of questions. thanks for joining us this morning, congressman issa. >> we do. and we have dick armey with us,
6:58 am
too. brian: that's always fun. top of the hour, attorney general eric holder suspected al qaeda terrorist can be tried in new york city safely. mayor rudy giuliani will be here live with his reaction next hour. gretchen: kid calls 911 on his parents. they did something awful. they took away his x box. we will play you the 911 wall. brian: it's an emergency. . . i have asthma.
6:59 am
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steve: production company owner how met on "fox & friends" take down a jail time. >> my patriotism toward the country and the real meaning of patriotism in the true sense is the love of one's country. >> so what happened? this morning we have an update we will share with you straight ahead. brian: that suit i had. steve: good thing you didn't wear that our slogan comes from renee in illinois. a few more z's is what i would be catching if i weren't so addicted to steve, brian, and gretchen [captioning made possible by fox
7:03 am
news channel] crts captioned by the national captioning institute gretchen: not a good time to read the news headlines. you made me giggle. maybe you won't be giggling about in this morning. it's going to cost you a lot of money. the senate health care reform bill was unveiled yesterday. it's a whopping 849 billion. all right. it's underneath the trillion. but then you have got to add a couple more figures to that like the 129 for the savings and deficit. and then there is this 200 little billion package called a democrat tore fix. so then you are over a trillion dollars. and then you have got to break out your reading glasses because it's 2,074 pages long. i do have to like senator landrieu from down in louisiana. she says she is not going to decide on this bill physical she actually reads it. steve: mary landrieu had a private meeting with harry reid who. brian: needs her.
7:04 am
steve: he does need her. harry unveiled things yesterday. apparently at one point yesterday he called mary landrieu in and he said look, i need your vote and by the way i want you to know that i would be willing to cut out the public option because currently in its current incarnation. there is a public option where the government would get into the insurance business, apparently. he is revealing that you know, just go along with me right now. and down the road we could cut that out. when i say he needs her right now, it all becomes a math problem because he needs 60 democrats, all the democrats to go along. as early as this saturday they have a cloture vote. if he can get 60 votes then the whole health care bill will then proceed to the full senate. unless he gets 60, the republicans can then filibuster and effectively stop it. because if he gets 60, and it continues to move through ifin e future when the vote comes they
7:05 am
just need 50. a simple majority. gretchen: remember olympia snowe she believed max baucus that there wasn't going to be a public option then there suddenly was then she wasn't for it i'm not so sure that you can take somebody -- i know it sounds silly but a politician at face value. brian: how are they going to pay for it? include excise tax on insurers who offer those cadillac plans. how are they going to pay for it? offer a payroll tax on individuals, those rich people who make $200,000. those rich families who make 250 thowrks dollars? they're going to feel the pinch and also there will be medicare cuts and they are going to cut off that all allusive fraud problem that they are having. also find a way to write $500 checks in this bill, two seniors. they will take the hit because of cost cuts coming their way from medicare already on the books. what's going to get them to 60 to have 5 democratic senators and two independence to go. if there is a public option with an opt out, you can have -- say
7:06 am
goodbye. >> where the states opt out. brian: i want out? how will they do that? how will it go? i'm not sure. senator ben nelson, a moderate in every way said i am willing, he hasn't made up his mind yet. he said he is the will to be the one to stop health care. if i don't like it, i'm not going to go forward with it blanche lincoln when she is down. they did a survey. ok. if senator lincoln votes for health care, how will you do in arkansas? she wins her race. they go what if she votes for it? she loses 15 points points. she could not get reelected if she did that. steve: ben nelson does not regard this procedural vote cloture vote on saturday does not regard it to be a vote on the whole bill. is he willing to get in harry reid's column. brian: and a lou it to move forward. steve: interesting -- gretchen: interesting to see how everyone is feeling about it democrats been behind it from
7:07 am
the beginning and two of them you will hear about it right now. >> particularly proud of the fact that this legislation includes a very strong public option. this isn't just about an effort that went on over the last number of months or even last year or so. this is an effort that's gone on for decades. so the math is pretty inexhe shall. 127 billion-dollar reduction in the deficit. 94% coverage of people equals 60 votes. and we're going to get there. steve: they made their case. and all the democrats were so happy yesterday, hey, look, we are crossing the finish line here and finally getting it to the senate floor. but you have got to ask yourself, all right. how can a bill that costs $850 billion and then saves $130 billion in the deficit, how are they able to do that? well, the answer is simple. they are going to raise taxes. gretchen: you didn't hear that yesterday. steve: that's why i'm here to
7:08 am
explain it they are going to raise your taxes. they are going to have huge cuts in medicare. so, when you think about it health care bill the so-called doctor fix is north of a trillion dollars. right now the two of them together is just shy of a billion dollars. we got ton the big board right there. keep in mind, that was money that was going to be in our pockets and now we are going to pony it up. brian: here is the thing. you know i love plastic surgery. i have had a lot of surgery. i'm going to stop it. steve: it's done well for you. brian: i have four years to get it done. it's not going to be done until 2014. they will be taxing public surgery. cheekbones, butt lips. everything i have gotten done will cost me more now. gretchen: you can make fun of it and we had a doctor on when they first started talking about this. the doctor said believe it or not it's the middle class who is getting these procedures. a lot of these botox procedures and things, it is the middle
7:09 am
class and they are going to get taxed on it. if you think it's just the rich people who are going to be taxed in this health care. and that's your definition of rich, too. steve: medicare cuts are going to impact the medicare tax and medical devices we all use. gretchen: they will awage asswage those concerns with the seniors to a hand out that $500 to them with this health care reform. here, give you $500 so those medicare cuts won't hurt so badly. brian: asswage to smooth an s. at. word. gretchen: i try. president obama is on his way back to washington right now after wrapping up an eight-day trip to asia. last stop a rally with american troops at an air base in seoul, south korea. first he met with south korea's president. the two leaders called on the north to end its nuclear ambitions next change for economic aid. >> if north korea is prepared to take concrete and irreversible
7:10 am
steps to fulfill its obligations and eliminate its nuclear weapons program, the united states will support economic assistance and help promote its full integration into the community of nations. gretchen: president obama also talked about consequences that iran would face for defying efforts to stop its nuclear weapons program. two chicago men could you accused of plotting an attack on a danish newspaper are now being linked to that massive terror attack last year in miewm by, india. right now the fbi only has evidence that the two were in contact with the pakistani group that indian officials blame for the attacks which left 166 people dead a year ago. hezly and rana are accused of trying to kill editor and cartoonist for pictures depicting the mohammed prophet. three dale hostage ordeal for a family. mom, dad and child blindfolded and held captive.
7:11 am
the mother was taken to a bank and forced to withdraw more than $23,000. yesterday she managed to jump from a second floor window to call for help and now her family is ok. three men suspected in the kidnapping have been arrested. police are still looking for a woman who they believe was involved as well. congress extends unemployment benefits for another 19 weeks. but it's not going to be for everybody. the 1 million people getting state unemployment benefits or emergency federal benefits don't qualify. so they lose everything. january 1st unless congress acts. but the senate as you know currently focused on health care and may not get to in this year. well, don't mess with this kid's x box. illinois teen dialed 911 when his parents took his x box 360 away as punishment. but the teen hung up before making a complaint. police went to his house to check things out. when got there asked if his parents had the legal right to take away his x box. look what our legal system has done to our kids' head.
7:12 am
cops said they told him to listen to his parents. i love those cops. whoever you are call us, tell us how are. listen to your parents. steve: absolutely. right. we introduced you on this program a couple of months back to a fellow by the name of bernard tucker. he is the owner of trucker industrial liquid coatings in east berlin, pennsylvania. he put that great big sign up on the side of his building. it's 18 by 20 feet. proud to support those who defend our freedom because his company works on military vehicles and paints components on military m wraps before they go off to iraq. he was told by the city the sign is too big. you have got to take that thing down. he said i would rather be carted off in handcuffs than take it down. listen to this. >> my patriotism toward the country and the real meaning of the word of patriotism is in the true sense is a love of one's country. our staff has worked hard to support b.a. systems. we are proud to be honored to support the troops.
7:13 am
brian: where has he gone from here? thanks to his appearance on "fox & friends," it seems as though he has won his case. i is allowed to keep it up. he did a wonderful job stating his case. you have a hard time arguing his case. forget about the code, that stays. steve: job well done berne bernard tucker. brian: wherever you are. gretchen: that's what happens whether you have a conviction and stick guy sometimes it pays off. five 9/11 conspirators will go on trial in new york city we have been telling you for days now. attorney general eric holder defended his 'position on the venue is this adding insult to injury? we will have rudy giuliani in two minutes. steve: then a boy scout troop, particularly an eagle scout spent hours cleaning up a hiking trail. now a local union official wants to file a grievance against the scout. it's true. details straight ahead on this thursday "fox & friends." luke: moving my mind and my hands
7:14 am
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gretchen: 17 minutes after the top of the hour. a fox news alert to tell you about. moments ago we learned two u.s. service members had been killed in southern afghanistan. they were killed by a homicide bomber who blew up a car at the gate of a nato base. we are awaiting more information on this breaking story. we will bring that to you as soon as we get it. brian? brian: the controversy continuing over attorney general's eric holder's decision to hold the terror trial of five suspected 9/11 terrorists. just mere steps from where the twin towers stood. >> how could you be more likely to get a conviction in federal court when can a lead sheik mohammed has already asked to plead guilty before a military commission and ask to be
7:18 am
executed. how could you be more likely to get a conviction in an article 3 court than that. >> the determination i make on where i think we can best try these cases is not depending on the whims or the desires of khalid sheikh mohammed. brian: when he admits he is guilty? former new york city mayor rudy giuliani is here. you know the legal system. you know his job, mr. mayor. what is your thought about the answer to senator kyl's question. >> he didn't answer the question. the reality is he misspoke when he said that it would be easier to convict him in a federal civilian trial than a military trial. that's just patently absurd. but so is the entire decision absurd and dangerous and unnecessary. there are military tribunals. the administration is going to try other terrorists in the military tribunals. therefore, this whole thing is unnecessary. there is no reason to try them in a civilian court when a military tribunal is available
7:19 am
and constitutional. and it gives the terrorists a tremendous platform that they wouldn't otherwise have. brian: it's going to cost new york city between 7 a and $100 million. and the feds are not obligated to pay that fee. the state is broke. the city is going broke. that's unbelievable. in mr. mayor, in reality people are saying you changed your tune, you were for moussaoui getting a criminal trial but not these guys? >> those are david axelrod talking points that he put out on sunday when i appeared. they are equally as absurd as the decision. first of all in 1993, the first trial i spoke about there were no military commissions. i have since written that it was a mistake to try that in criminal court it should have been treated as an act of war. it was an understandable mistake because it was before september 11. it was a mistake that might have created the field for the taste attack with regard to the moussaoui trial, i was a witness in that trial. there were no military commissions then for a very simple reason. lawyers working with attorney
7:20 am
general holder in his private launch brought lawsuits that held up those commissions, them declared unconstitutional. so, like i say right now. if there was no other choice but to try them in new york or they would go free, of course i would support it and, of course, we would provide them with a fair trial as we did in the past. but we now have another choice. and i asked the administration why are we not taking that choice and what's the distinction we are making between the terrorists we are trying in the military court and the terrorists we are trying in the civilian court? and i echo what senator lindsey graham said. where are we going to try bin laden. they are sending every message they will try him in new york as well. brian: he had no answer. we do have an answer for people who want to hear more from you. we have you next block. stay right there. gitmo won't close on time and the president still has no new plan for afghanistan. does this mean is he going soft on terror in the mayor sticks around. and in a sunning recommendation,
7:21 am
the government telling women to hold off on mammograms until they're 50. is this an example of medical rationing. should you wait to get your mammogram. our a team weighs in.
7:22 am
7:23 am
7:24 am
steve: while being interviewed by our white house senior correspondent major garrett, president obama has admitted he won't be able to make that january deadline for closing gitmo. >> it's also just technically hard. >> harder than you thought it would be? >> no. as hard. i just think as usual in washington things move slower than i anticipated. steve: mayor rudy giuliani joining from us washington. mayor, seems like the president is having trouble getting stuff done. he made that very clear. he was going to close it why the end of thisser i don't.
7:25 am
now, no deadline. no timetable. >> that's been the history of this administration. can't seem to get judges appointed. i'm kind of happy about that because i don't like his appointment beings. evidence is way behind president bush and president clinton. can't make a decision on afghanistan. gosh, it's been two and a half months since general mcchrystal asked for 40,000 troops. is he still dithering about it which is something we worried about when he was candidate for president that he would be indecisive. this is a president that has been probably as indecisive as any that i have ever seen since gretchen: a lot of people worried he would vote president like he did in illinois. let me ask you this with regard to afghanistan. when will the president make the decision? because we all know when we were talking earlier this morning that some tough decisions are ones that you want to skirt are exposed on fridays. and now we're going to be approaching a holiday weekend and then moving into christmas where people and americans are focused on other things.
7:26 am
so when will he do this. >> that's the way they announced the trial of, you know, khalid sheikh mohammed in civilian court. they did it on a thursday or friday when the president was running out of the country. i guess we have to have him leave the country again and then axelrod or emanuel will give the ruling as to the number of troops. but, here is the point. this is a war that he said was a necessary war. the real war. he criticized president bush for not paying attention to afghanistan. he talked about how he was going to bare down and defeat the terrorists in afghanistan because that's where our real threat combings from. yet it, takes him two and a half months to make a decision, to develop a strategy? come on, he wasn't working on a strategy before mcchrystal came in? this is about politics. this is pure out and out crass politics. this is about not offending the left wing of his party when he is trying to get health care. it's about trying to finesse the decision politically, not
7:27 am
militarily. brian: just "yes" or "no," mr. mayor, do you think that is he being sincere when he says he might not run for reelection in 2012? that's what he said in china? >> i would like to take a bet on that. although betting interstate like this is illegal when i was a u.s. attorney so we better not do it. brian: yeah. they arrest the hosts. if. >> if he is not running for reelection, i have gotten the impression since he is in the white house he is running. he has never stopped running. everything is political. the trial in new york is political in the sense that it gives him an opportunity to attack his enemies, you know, to attack president bush. gretchen: mr. mayor, it doesn't make sense why any sitting president would say that right now one year into the administration. we have got to wrap it up right there,. >> thank you very much. see you in new york. steve: trying the alleged 9/11
7:28 am
master mind has knocked the fort hood shooter off pages. should would he be more concerned about homegrown self-radicalized terrorists than those from overseas? gretchen: president obama in the city of chicago made an all out push for the 2016 games only to lose in the first round. olympic officials now revealing why chicago never had a chance. steve: i have got to hear that. ♪ i don't want to be angry no more the great taste of splenda® no calorie sweetener and added a little fiber? sweet! sweet! (together) sweet! (announcer) now for the first time, a gram of healthy fiber in every packet.
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brian: let's go to your head ryans right now. we began as you heard fox news alert. harmid karzai sphwhorn this morning for second five year term. an election allegedly tainted with fraud. in his inaugural address he said his country's security forces should take the lead in the fight against insurgents. secretary of state hillary clinton attended the inauguration before the ceremony she called karzai to take accountability for his government they metaphor 90 minutes behind closed doors. steve: meanwhile steven boss worth will go to north korea next month with an olive branch and checkbook in hand. the president and his south korean counter part are offering the north what they call a grand
7:33 am
bargain. that amounts to a lot of economic aid in exchange for completely disarming north korea's nuclear program. you want the money, unplug that thing. gretchen: 15-year-old charged if w. first degree murder charged with strangling a 9-year-old to death. elizabeth is being tried as an adult. elizabeth -- the sergeant testified in a courtroom that she confessed to the murder saying she just wanted to know what it felt like. she allegedly also dug two holes to be used as a grave. she led authorities to the holes and to the body. brian: the cia really want you, if you are an arab or iranian american, the urgency -- the agency is stepping up recruiting efforts in deer born, michigan right near detroit. the city has concentration of middle eastern groups living there two commercials honors to the family and contribution to the country. cia recruiters say they need people with scientific, medical, and academic background.
7:34 am
steve: meanwhile a fox news alert, astronauts on the space shuttle "atlantis" will take their first spacewalk of the mission today. you are looking live hundreds of miles above the surface of the earth. it will be the first ever for doctor robert satur who is the first orthopedic surge to go into space. three spacewalks are planned during the space shuttle's visit to the international space station. as you can see that looks like a view inside the cargo bay or something. always cool. gretchen: u.s. troops getting a little bit of christmas cheer milwaukee chapter of the american revolution sending tiny christmas trees to troops overseas. organizers say it's a way of making sure that the troops know how much they are appreciated. along with the trees, soldiers get a bag of candy and a card. steve: and they wind up with the sports absolutely free for watching the fox news channel right now, brian kill need. brian: absolutely. 26 minutes before the top of the hour. chicago's olympic bid leaders totally missed the plot ahead
7:35 am
the city's first round elimination in voting to pick the 2016 summer games host that according to a former committee. it was a surprise to watch a legendary political machine so finely tuned and experienced as chicago, so totally miss the plot. a bunch of bun dits shot a chopper out of the sky. good luck, brazil, get it together. the man accused of illegally taping erin andrews through a peephole has now been formally charged this as prosecutors reveal that michael barrett taped andrews on two other occasions in ohio and in milwaukee. prosecutors say michael barrett called seven hotels in columbus in january of 2008, trying to find out where andrews would be staying. he then got a room next door to her. shot the video. did the same in milwaukee. talk about getting bye bye the seat of your pants.
7:36 am
check out tyler of the bellingham slam from the international basketball league. his team taking on western washington state in an exhibition. he somehow rebounds his own miss while sitting down, also makes the incredible shot backwards from behind. take a look at the new pete mayor very much. nothing but met. finishes with 44 points. washington still prevails 111 to 105. coming up on brian and the judge. a little bit later from 9 to noon on xm sirius and local station we have amongst our many guests ralph peters will be joining us. steve: fantastic. all right. let's talk about investigating for the hood. there is a great op. ed in the "wall street journal" today by daniel henican. what he talks about member the khalid sheikh mohammed decision by holder blew the hasan story off the front pages of the paper toward the end of the week. but perhaps we should really be focusing in on guys like hasan.
7:37 am
why? because they have -- they are americans who are self-radicalized. and there have been a bunch of them. have you zazi. you have the fort dix six and these guys trying to do stupid stuff. how are they self-radicalizing themselves in the answer is at the end of your finger tips. it is clearly the internet. gretchen: yeah. because a lot of thieves people are loners, how do they fill their time? they sit in front of that computer screen. then they go to all of these web sites that are available to them. it is sort of a brainwashing technique according to this editorial. it's interesting. i wonder of the nine terror attacks that new york city alone had stopped since 9/11, i wonder if all nine of those were homegrown? brian: when you talk about the internet, they are able to go on to radical imams and get their sermons. he sit there and say that's a great idea. they meet in the congregations and find other people of like mind, of like religion, in this case not all muslims are terrorists but the terrorists
7:38 am
are muslims. in this case when you talk about al qaeda. they are able to do that. this cleric or imam in particular has radicalized a lot of people in particular. look what almost happened in dallas and detroit and new york city all at the same time and they all have links back to this guy. gretchen: one other thing that i would add to it is that the prisons play into it as well a lot of these guys who are eventually caught they say that they became radicalized in the prison setting which also makes sense. if you are stuck somewhere and you are forced to listen to somebody saying something 24/7, that's how that happens. his solution for, this he says, in this editorial, politics is the only recourse. talking about things like the patriot act. and political sort of laws that will help us to root out these homegrown terrorists. steve: the problem he points out we have all these freedoms. freedom of speech and tap into the internet whenever you want
7:39 am
to and pretty much look up anything there is investigation beginning today into the fort hood shootings. brian: the armed services committee said we want to do an investigation. they said. no ok. you win. joe lieberman would north be stopped. steve: sure. when you are working toward your eagle scout bandaged becoming an eagle scout, do you a lot of community service. there is a 17-year-old kid out in allen town, pennsylvania, by the name of kevin anderson and hats off to kevin. he cleared a hiking trail as a member of boy scout troop 301 in center valley. he spent 200 hours along with some volunteers in his area to do about 1,000 feet of hiking trail. the job was terrific until he got slammed by a union leader who said the kid was out of bounds.
7:40 am
gretchen: the boy scout said this: gretchen: apparently this work -- on its face it sounds so silly. the work was supposed to be done by members of a union and not a young man who is trying to become an eagle scout. brian: look what nick said, president of the seiu over in allen town, pennsylvania. the union might file a grievance because he cleared a hiking trail instead of paying some the 9 recently laid off members to do the same work. so got to volunteer. steve: this guy said look, we are laying off these employees of the seiu, service employees international union. we should be -- if there is a trail to be cleared, we should have these guys do it. so he was threatening to go ahead and file a grievance apparently the mayor, you know, the mayor is steamed at the union guy. the union official spokesperson
7:41 am
said that this guy was out of line and, in fact, there was a congressman charlie of in pennsylvania said the union official owes this kid an apology. how crazy is that. gretchen: sounds crazy. we told but the just released health bill. price tag 849 billion. that is preliminary, we should point out. will they have the votes to pass it? the prescription for truth is next. brian: and her would be groom bolted a few days before their wedding. jilted. she couldn't get price refunded. waited until you hear she did with the ceremony. she is live with us next hour.
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
steve: senate majority leader harry reid rolled out health care package in the senate. cost $849 billion over the next 10 years. will they get the 60 votes needed? >> i'm particularly proud of the fact that this legislation includes a very strong public option. this isn't just about an effort that went over the last number of months or even last years. this is an effort that's gone on for decades. >> the math, 127 billion-dollar reduction in the deficit. 94% coverage of people equals 60 votes. and we are going to get there. steve: they can could vote as early as this saturday on whether or not to proceed with the bill. peter johnson jr. is joining us live with prescription for truth. >> good morning. steve: peter, they got those numbers from the congressional budget office but those numbers, and correct me if i am wrong,
7:46 am
but those numbers are based on this right now. this is not going to be the bill that winds up going through the sausage machine. >> i heard you this morning and you are absolutely right when you said there is $200 billion that is unaccounted for in the congressional budget office numbers. that's money that's got to go out the door to pay doctors that's not considered in their deficit reduction numbers that they have come up with. so what we are seeing is the congressional budget office comes one a report at 11:00 last night. steve: come up after he made the report. >> yes. they saw the bill before anyone else did. the senate didn't see the bill. the american people didn't see the bill. so i would like to know what the conversations back and for the were between the cbo and senator reid's office over the last couple weeks with regard to this bill but we'll never know that. but what we do know is that for americans making 200, $250,000, whether they are single, whether they are multiple fliers --
7:47 am
filers. another% payroll tax on them for this plan. 5 hers tax on electiv surgery in american. surcharge on so-called high value insurance plans. what we're getting under their own definition is the fact that 16 million american people will not be covered by the year 2019. that's not aliens. 16 million americans will not be covered. so what happens then, steve doocy? we're paying a half percent, some folks on a new medicare tax on payroll. how do we pay for the next 16 million? is there another half percent? is there another 1%? do we now say if you are making $100,000 a year that's applicable to you? steve: that's a great question and we don't have the answer. but you just laid it out quite clearly that while the democrats make it sound as if, hey, you know, we are taking care of this
7:48 am
and it's going to pay for itsself, that money is actually coming out of americans' pockets. >> it's not a matter of experience. it's not a matter of me being a commentator or analyst. if you are a regular american, things have a cost. and the cost seems to be very extreme and a lot of cases. it's almost, you know i was thinking about it this morning, it's almost kind of a timeshare vacation that you pay for where the costs keep on going up but you never guest to visit the place that you are paying for. so, for a lot of americans, there is going to be an opportunity to pay a lot of money, they may not see any benefit from it, nor is there a guarantee that the so-called health cost curve is going to decrease. in fact, a lot of estimates say that the health cost curve is going to increase and we're not guaranteeing access to all the americans that the president promised that they would.
7:49 am
steve: man, all right. peter johnson jr. today's prescription for truth. straight ahead, a stunning recommendation, the government now telling women to hold off on mammograms until they are 50 years old. is this an example of medical rationing? and should you wait to get your mammogram? our medical a team son the case. here they come towards studio e. they are next. but on this day in history back in 1969, the united states put a second crew on the moon with the landing of apollo 12. in 1985, president ronald reagan and soviet chairman miguel gosh chef met for the first time and formed a lifetime friendship. johnny nash had the number one song in america in 1972 with "i can see clearly now" ♪ . .
7:50 am
. ç
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
gretchen: controversialç new nuidelines recommend against mammograms for women over 50. a government task force also recommends women overçç 50 get mammograms every other year. is preventive care being replaced byç rationed care? çwith me now is our medical panel. let me start withç you, dr. siegel. çwomen who are in that age rane who are thinking about getting these mammograms,çç so what is your take? >> there compare your chances of dying from undiagnosed breast çcancer and the chances of
7:54 am
overdoing!dhe test. it is not just the death rate. it is anç issue of whoç wants breast cancer -- you want to keep your breasts. way, then this is going to be related to decisions that are made later on if thereç is heah reform.p @ what health commissioner is not going to look at this and say that they are not going to reimburse this? çç>gretchen: i am sure that hh andç human services did not wat she says keep doing what you have been doing for years. what about your insurance company? ççmonday pay for coverage? >> the reality is,çç medicares
7:55 am
the standard, unfortunately, for a lot of insurance companies and it will be a problem. çwomen get breastç cancer and their 40's and younger. we know;háhese mammograms are savingç lives, of women in ther 40's, and a beacon only hope that the insuranceç companies o not follow these guidelines. çgretchen: you are the ones tht are doing the test and recommending these mammograms. ç>>ç i woke up confused becaui saw patients in the morning, and by the end of the day,ç the change theç guidelines again. kathleen sebelius said, forget what we said, go back to the old guidelines. ççi do not want to be cynical.
7:56 am
i do not know the reason behindç theç guidelines, but one has to wonder if this is leading to rationing of health care. gretchen:ç 12 of the panel membersere in place with president bush. >> yes, but none of them were çgynecologists,ç oncologist, radiologists. i am sure they have good, scientific minds, but might come upç with thisç so fast, and nw you have to backtrack? when they saw the reaction, they went back to the original guidelines. >>ç thr#hráh(reventive care, nt rationing of treatment. >> itç is no accident that this çis happening now.
7:57 am
gretchen: one major issue that some have had with the senate health care plançç. orrin hatch will be here to explain. she was dumped before her wedding, but sheç decided to tn çlemons into lemonade.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
. gretchen: good morning, everyone. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute this is a fox news alert. the faa announcing a nation-wide computer problem. steve: meanwhile, harry reid has high hopes for his trillion dollar health care plan but warren hatch is gearing up for a big fight over funding of abortion and it has some
8:01 am
democrats on his side. orrin hatch will be with us and 10 minutes. brian: and she was dumped right before her wedding, but she decided to turn lemons into lemonade. wait until you hear what she did with her wedding reception. gretchen: this is a fox news alert. the faa confirmed there are nationwide computer problem right now that could be affecting thousands of flights. you are taking a live look at georgia where delays are being reported. we expect a statement from the faa in about 10 minutes. meantime, this is a fox news alert.
8:02 am
two military service members have died in afghanistan. this spring the total number this year to 307. we will bring you breaking news on that as soon as we get it. hillary clinton happens to be in afghanistan right now, right now speaking to soldiers in kabul. she is in the country for the inauguration of president hamid karzai and called for him to take control of alleged government corruption. congress goes into the investigation of the fort hood shootings. is there a cure for building between the pentagon and the white house? joe lieberman decided not to back down. what is he saying about what is
8:03 am
going to happen today? >> he says he is not interested in political theater, wants to know what can be done to better protect the american people in the future. he has met with the attorney general and the secretary of defense to see how they can get out the information. of course, the government would be worried about jeopardizing any potential trial. gretchen: what do we know so far about where the government is focusing the investigation? >> a lot of focus seems to be on the e-mails that nidal hasan sent to anwar al-awiaki. what did they know and what did they do with the information? there is a lot of looking at
8:04 am
that and whether or not there was a breakdown between federal agencies, ultimately what we should have known about the suspect before the shooting happened. gretchen: what are some of the other questions that key lawmakers want to know about in regard to the shooting? >> was there is a failure to connect the dots? today will feature a terrorism expert and former government officials, so they may not get the answer to that question, but experts will be able to say what they have experienced in the past. it will be interesting to see what kind of answers that committee gets today, and ultimately, what they get from current federal officials in hearings to come. gretchen: thank you for the update.
8:05 am
it may appear to be the h1n1 virus or a new cold virus. hundreds of children are showing up at the hospital with cold- like symptoms. doctors believed it could be hit a new version of the rhino virus. well, the printer is working 0 of the postal service. they are announcing they are stopping letters sent to santa claus at the north pole. -- the grinch is working for the postal service. the agency says kids are still welcome to write letters to santa claus, but they will likely be shredded. you know why that is? he has too many letters to go through. the post office was just helping the elves.
8:06 am
brian: of course, but to everyone join together. steve: let's talk about health care. here we read, last night, unveiled -- harry reid, last night, unveiled his health care plan. democrats will publicly unveiled it today. it is 2074 pages long. how much is it going to cost all of us to ensure 94% of us have health care? the answer is $894 billion -- $849 billion. democrats were quick to point out that this would pay down the deficit. but to pay down the deficit, we
8:07 am
have to come up with that $127 billion, so you add those two numbers together. the total is almost $1 trillion. brian: you set it up so perfectly. how does it end? gretchen: the way you present -- they present it is it is pretty much free. i was listening to this and i thought, somebody has to pay for this. you will also not be happy to know, if you are in a certain tax bracket, -- this is an important point. coverage does not start until 2013, that you will begin to be taxed now to continue to contribute to decreasing the
8:08 am
deficit. brian: if you are an individual and make $250,000, you are going to start paying, now. then you have the excise tax on the cadillac plans to the insurance companies. together this money is supposed to ensure -- insure 94% of the country? the house was clear that you needed to have insurance. in this bill, are you going to be jailed if you do not have insurance? gretchen: who is the 6% we are not covering? steve: there are a lot of people who will not see any increases in their taxes to pay for this, but there will be some people who will.
8:09 am
this was known by christopher dodd and chuck schumer who were giddy, knowing that this was going to go to the floor. >> we are proud of this legislation include a public option. this is an effort that we have not been working on for the past few months, or years, but it has been going on for decades. >> $127 billion reduction in the deficit. 94% coverage of people = 60 votes. we are going to get there. steve, they need all the democrats together on this. -- steve: and they need to have all the democrats together on this. they do not get it -- and republicans are in uniform against this. when it goes to the full house,
8:10 am
you only need a simple majority of 51. if it can get 60 on saturday, it will be a net-net win and it will pass eventually. gretchen: this is a fox news alert. the faa is confirming a national computer problem is causing delays across the country. we all live in washington, d.c. you hear about this stuff, and it is unbelievable to know how much we depend on one computer system for the aviation industry. >> apparently, there was a problem with the computer system that pilots use to submit their flight plan. there is no problem with the radar systems, no problem with staying in contact with aircraft, so it is not a safety
8:11 am
issue. however, unless you file your flight plan, you cannot take off. there are backup plans, but they are slower than the regular computer system. we are also being told by the faa that this does appear to be a nationwide problem, so it is not just one airport here and there. any pilot that needs to file a flight plan is apparently having difficulty lining this morning. a moment ago we spoke to officials in washington. they are on a telephone conference right now trying to get more information. if you are headed to the airport this morning, you can probably expect there will be some delays in your day. first of all, they need to get the computer system back up and
8:12 am
operating. gretchen: at first, they only said it was at the atlanta area, but now we are hearing is all airports? >> i do not want to go too far on this, because there are still getting their arms around the problem, but i am hearing this is a nationwide issue. steve: we are taking a live shot at atlanta. just to recap, the computer problem, they have communication with the airplanes, radar coverage, so this is a problem with filing the flight plans. what about the airplane that are already up there? >> one can only assume that they got their flight paths in there. when the computer system goes down, there is a backup system that is probably slower than the regular system. i do know that if they were able
8:13 am
to get up, they filed a flight plan. it is not a radar failure, not a real failure. simply a failure in the system that allows pilots to file their flight plans. gretchen: brian wilson, thank you very much. brian: meanwhile, people shouted, tempers flared, and people were angry all over the place. >> can you give me a place where an enemy combatant caught on the battlefield was tried in civilian court? >> i would have to look at that. steve: in any way, the attorney general explained how he will try the accused terrorists in civilian court. orrin hatch will be with us in
8:14 am
two minutes. gretchen: and they have been chart-toppers for decades, and after years, the gap plan brothers are performing for us.
8:15 am
8:16 am
(announcer) in america we don't just dream when we sleep. we dream twenty-four seven. we dream with our sleeves rolled up. our dreams are expressed in digits. they're made of steel. add those dreams up, that's free enterprise... growing our economy for the long-run. it's what we need to grow 20 million new jobs in the next 10 years. your dreams make the difference. american free enterprise. it's you. so dream big.
8:17 am
steve: people shuddered, tempers were flaring, and sparks of anger yesterday on capitol hill. brian: eric: older was at capitol hill explaining his decision -- eric holder was at a capitol hill explaining his decision to try guantanamo detainees in new york. with me now is orrin hatch. did the attorney general tell
8:18 am
you what you needed to hear? >> no, we are going to be trying a terrorist who plotted to kill thousands of americans. bringing him to the country is not right. it is a field day for defense attorneys, those who are antithetical to our country, disclosing information that should not be disclosed. the same thing happened in the miss halley case. i like the attorney general, but i think he is wrong here. -- moussaoui case. steve: even in that case, a list was released in open court because the terrorists had the right to bring the information forward, and it was a list of 200 al qaeda operatives.
8:19 am
-- 2000 a the list included usama bin laden, and so everyone adjusted. >> it is ridiculous to do this. we are putting the country at risk. i believe the people of new york can handle this, but already truck schumer is asking for $100 million. if this is not dangerous, would he be doing that? brian: according to rudy giuliani, new york is only intended to one third of what the bill would be. so the city that is broke has to pay money to try to guys that caused their city so much destruction. is this about making the u.s. would good in the world or making president bush look bad? >> i think it is both.
8:20 am
these are criminals who killed thousands of people. they deserve the death penalty. you need a unanimous and jury in order to -- unanimous jury in order to have the death penalty. if you have one person who cannot stomach the decision, ksm is going to get off. brian: we have a lot more to talk about. meanwhile, you are offering an amendment to restrict funding for abortions. steve: and praising sean hannity. >> what you tried to do, the job that a campaign should have done. we really missed the boat on
8:21 am
that. brian: and a bride finds herself all along just before the wedding.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
brian: harry reid has high hopes for his trillion dollar health care bill, but one congress member is putting up a flight and as he had democrats on his team. steve: and that man is senator orrin hatch. we understand the bill harry reid introduced last night would allow public moneys to be used for abortion if the secretary of
8:25 am
health and human services says it is ok. is that right? >> as a matter of fact, there are a number of the gimmicks in the bill. they have to provide -- one of the options would provide for abortion. keep in mind, this is a 2007 the four-page bill. -- 2074-page bill. by the way, the true 10-year cost of this is $2.50 trillion. abortion is an important issue and all we want is for federal taxpayers not to pay for abortion procedures. it seems to me the vast majority of people in this country, even though it is pro-choice, believe in these ted -- two
8:26 am
propositions. brian: you are insisting getting that language in and stopping the bill in the house. board to cut was on our show a few days ago and said that if they include this language, they have lost us. >> they are going to mess with the language. they have 60 in the senate -- i did not know if they have 64 abortion -- 60 for abortion. but i hope they can keep them together. this is an important issue. we should not be asking the taxpayers to pay for this. steve: harry reid, perhaps as early as saturday morning is going to call everyone and say, who is for this?
8:27 am
does he have 60 votes right now? there are some moderate democrats who are still on the fence. what are your cells that -- sources telling you? >> we have the senators from nebraska, arkansas, and mary landrieu in new orleans. they are going to take a half trillion from medicare. i do not know how they are going to vote for the bill, especially because of the size of it. if you cannot get 75 votes on something that affects one sixth of the economy, you know it is a lousy bill. this is going to cost the american taxpayers like mad for the rest of our lives. steve: thank you, or hatch. brian: what is coming up next?
8:28 am
gretchen: in the latest on the computer problems with the faa claiming problems at airports across the country. and they would-be pried them to write before her wedding, gives away her wedding reception.
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:31 am
8:32 am
gretchen: this is a fox news alert. airport delays across the country thanks to a national computer glitch. brian wilson has been speaking to the faa for us. since we last spoke, i know the faa released a statement. what is the latest? >> there are problems with the system that pilots use to submit their flight plans. you cannot fly without a flight plan, and if you cannot get that into the system, you cannot fly. if you are headed to the airport this morning, you should expect there will be major delays across the country. there are some flight to getting off, some in the air, and there is no problem with radar, radio, but it is simply a slowdown in the system that allows pilots to
8:33 am
submit their flight plans. a computer check reveals that they have this problem about once a year. sometimes the main system goes down, sometimes both the maine and backup system go down. if you are going somewhere by plane, take your patience pills, because it is going to be a long day. steve: we are taking a look at the airport in atlanta at. thank you. this is a fox news alert. the latest weekly unemployment figures just came out. the labor department says 505,000 new claims were filed last week. that is what the experts thought it would be. there are currently 5.6 million
8:34 am
continuing claims. brian: president obama is back to his way -- on his way to washington. he expects to be touching down in alaska to refuel. first, he met with the south korean president. the two called on the north to end their nuclear ambitions in exchange for economic aid. >> to resolving these issues peacefully, for north korea to see, over time, the reduction of sanctions and increasing integration into the international community, something that will be good for its people. brian: he also talked about consequences iran would face. gretchen: sarah palin speaking about her regrets from the campaign trail. she told sean hannity last night that she wishes she could bring up topics like bill ayers and
8:35 am
reverend wright. >> i do not know why we were not fair to the electorate in talking more about those things that one of the candidates had in his past. i would remind people that was not negative campaigning to call someone out on their associations and voting record. what you did was what the campaign should have done. gretchen: i will be sitting down with sarah palin next week. steve: meanwhile, former first lady laura bush unveiling the design of the george bush presidential center at her alma mater.
8:36 am
when complete, the library will be the second-largest in the u.s. construction is expected to begin in late-2010. the cost between $200,000,000.500000000 dollars. meanwhile, johnny depp aimed "people's" sexiest man alive. -- $200 million and $500 million. the magazine said he got the award because he looked good 10 years ago and will look good 10 years from now. his next screen role is as the mad hatter in "palace in wonderland." congratulations, johnny depp. brian: yesterday we told you the
8:37 am
story of amy barnes, a woman who lost over 300 pounds using diet and fitness books. she had written to her inspiration but they had never met, until now. steve: good to meet you brian: after meeting her inspiration, this is what she had to say about losing weight. steve: he weighed nearly 500 pounds. how did that happen? >> i struggled with abuse. it was my coping mechanism to eat. >> we know what that is like. >> it was my solitude.
8:38 am
i used it to get through it. i felt like, at the time, food was the only thing i had control over. brian: the whole interview is on gretchen: is a woman worst nightmare. -- woman's worst nightmare. when one woman could not be refunded for a canceled wedding, she turned the knife into a fun night for seniors for a nearby -- the night into a fun night for seniors of a nearby retirement community. i am so sorry that your wedding did not work out for you. in the introduction, i said you could just follow in pity, but what was it inside of you that said that you were going to do something good for something else? >> i did not want to see
8:39 am
anything go to waste. it was a bad time for me, but the money was already spent. we just tried to make the best of it. the senior center was across the street. we went over there and talked to them, and it was great. gretchen: as the mother, i know that he must have been feeling the pain along side your daughter. but now you must be put it -- so proud of her. >> yes, she has been an inspiration to a lot of people, and she has throat -- shown a lot of strength through this. we are happy that there were so many other people who were touched in a good way. gretchen: let me bring in two ladies who lived at the retirement community. look how beautiful you look.
8:40 am
the wedding reception was turned into a halloween party for you. my goodness, what was it like to have this party? >> it was just wonderful. everybody enjoyed it. they were just thrilled. i danced like i have not danced in a long time. my heart goes out to her. i am sure she was sad, but she had a smile watching us. gretchen: i know you have some advice for teanne. >> she is still young. she has her whole life ahead of her. it was a wonderful thing that
8:41 am
she did for us. hello, everyone at asbury court! i want to say hello to my children as well. we wanted to say thank you again. she made so many people happy, and that is what it is all about. gretchen: it is so great to hear from you two ladies. teanne, isn't it true that sometimes in life it takes us in a different direction and we end up more positive? >> yes, it happens. the old saying -- there has to be a reason for it. her generosity, her big heart, i am sure there is someone watching and will say, there is a great lady. gretchen: thank you all so much. thank you for sharing your
8:42 am
story. we know that she is going to find someone for her. we are tracking your taxes. this time it is all about green pork? >> most environmental groups are looking after water, and we will be talking about how much they are asking for and how much they are being given. gretchen: the gatlin brothers will be here, performing after 17 years. ...martial artist... and a stuntwoman. if you want to be incredible, eat incredible. announcer: eggs. incredible energy for body and mind. (guitar music)
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8:44 am
8:45 am
brian: we want to update you on the airport problems we are having right now. air trans and atlanta s has there are widespread delays due to an faa flight plan computer
8:46 am
issue. more information as it becomes available. steve: so-called green organization, those who are earth-friendly, get millions of uncle sam's dollars every year, but many of those groups and of assuming the government for even more. gretchen: william la jeunesse is with us tracking your taxes. you said green pork, i thought it was only green eggs and ham? >> in most cases, win, lose, or draw, taxpayers are paying the tab. many consider these to be frivolous and even petty lawsuits.
8:47 am
this wyoming attorney knew the environmental group she was facing was well financed, but she was shocked to learn to pay for their legal bills. >> basically, the government is paying environmental groups to sue the government. >> several groups have filed more than 2200 cases against the federal government. almost half, according to some, involve technicalities like missing a deadline or failing to abide by a letter of legislation, costing taxpayers millions. >> there is simply not enough time and money for the government to make these deadlines. as soon as they do, and the environmental groups do. >> environmentalists say they are not getting rich but forcing the government to live
8:48 am
up to its agreements. >> we are not making money, we are simply being content -- compensated for the time it took to process that case and all that our vision behind the nation's environmental laws. >> to show you what kind of the racket this is, one group filed petitions to list 700 endangered species. each one of those filings requires the wildlife service to file their findings within 90 days. if they go 91 days, you lose. steve: nice work, if you confine it. brian, what are you doing with the stars? brian: they are together after 17 years. the gatlin brothers are here.
8:49 am
i like your jacket. you told me you were going to get me one. you got me a jacket? >> here is the bill. brian: it is almost like a gift. do you need and clarinet player? look at this! for the first time in life, i feel cool. alisyn: for the first time in your life, you look cool. we have a lot to talk about this morning. health care on capitol hill. how can we afford billions in new benefits when the president is warning about a double-dip recessions? and why did the president a sign some many reporters to a fact check sarah palin's book? .
8:50 am
8:51 am
8:52 am
8:53 am
>> what america is all about, and after a 17-year break, larry gatt lynn and the gatt lynn brothers are back together from their new c.d. pilgrimage, they are about to play "americans." let's do it! ♪ they have clothes and shelter people are sleeping out in the cold but they are doing good things that good people are supposed to do who are these good people? ewe americans, that's who
8:54 am
they have freed people from the tyranny of evil new and they have brought government back into the people's hands. i'm telling you it's true who are these good people? americans, that's who glory, glory, hallelujah glory, glory hallelujah
8:55 am
they have left their wives and babies and marched headlong into hell some have paid the ultimate price some stand right up and tell you how i feel about it and what i know in my heart is true who are these good people? americans, that's who -- like brother doocy! like brother kilmeade americans, that's who, and ms. gretchen we're happy to be on "fox & friends" >> we watch you everyday americans, that's who ♪
8:56 am
>> the gatlins, very nice!
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
>> the song the gatlins just did was called "americans, that's who." you wrote that because? >> i get in airplanes and i was going to vegas to meet up with the boys to sing a concert many i was reading a newspaper from back east, which will remain nameless, and an article -- there was an article in the op ed page and the gist was what an awful country we are, are terrible things we're doing around the world now, and for the 200 some odd years of our existence, the more i read, the madder i got. johnny cash always called me the pilgrim. he said to me "pilgrim, if something makes you mad enough, you will darn right well write a song about t" so i wrote this song and people stood up in the first verse


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